Anyone know exactly the day of island opening?

Guys, anyone know exactly the day of island opening??

Lola Gonzales: Closure is for 6 months from 26 April which implies 25 October. But there are other developments. I guess depending on how that plays out. Here’s the latest pronouncement.

Duterte wants Boracay residents to get land so they can sell it to big…

Arthur Cunningham: a very, very good questions on which answer ten thousands of people waiting…..

Everett Haynes: Let’s prepare for opening on October 26, 2018.

August Nelson: I heard some of the resorts have accepted early bookings because there is an insider info that it will be reopened sooner than its 6th month. I just don’t know how true is this… if DPWH has already started paving the roads, maybe there is a chance unless they are ok with “soft opening” it with all of those debris lying around the roads. ?

Arthur Cunningham: DPWH statement: roads rehab starts 3rd week of June – that’s next week

Sabrina Harrison: Someone close to the president says it will be extended BECAUSE OF THE LAND REFORM PROGRAM lol , GOD FORBID !! EVERYONE LET US PRAY AND HOPE IT WILL NOT BE EXTENDED !

Clueless on opening date?


Arthur Cunningham: To do a land reform on Boracay Island will take years

Sabrina Harrison: Arthur Cunningham: I see no problem with that but i hope they won’t make it as an excuse to extend the closure because the poor people of Boracay will have nothing to eat. I have already brought to cebu 14 of my staff/workers and allowed them to work in m…See More

Paris Daniel: April 25 , 2019????

Paris Daniel: April 25 , 2019????

Finley Reese: Everybody knows ?October 26, 2018 ?Hopefully ?

Arthur Cunningham: Everybody knows and nobody knows

Finley Reese: Google is full of this information. No conflict in between posts. Exact dates are clearly announced since the beginning.The only question if it will be extended or not, this one nobody knows yet.

Carmen Mcbride: Everything now is not SURE

Talia Jacobs: Ive spoken to somebody whose cousin is working on dpwh he said theres a schedule of cruise ship on november 12, but according to them soft opening will be on november not sure how true it is though.

Daniella Bush: Boracay will be open when its open and not until……………and dont hold your breath !!!

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