What can you say about land reform in Boracay?

Suggestion of Land reform in Boracay  What are our thoughts?

Jo Stelt: It can be done: Sustainable tourism, farming on Boracay,

Marlon Digsalang: Closing Boracay to tourism for six months has provided authorities with valuable time to assess the level of environmental damage from years of unregulated tourism. They should know better.

Myra Hanson: It can be both an island need some little farming too.. but trees is the most important thing to be planted to save the island which needed to prevent flood and preserve the environment to keep tourism going.

Selena Mullins: For me, it is still tourism but save those identified forest, timber at wetland and follow the easements. It is important.

Emely Rivera: Tourism or Farming ? Which is more viable in ensuring the economic stability of the community? For once in our lifetime can we stand what is correct and not be intimidated by the “bright boys” whose interest is questionable. The idea of rehabilitation of the island was very laudable but without careful study it will turn into a chaotic state which is now being experience in Boracay and I do hope we learn our lesson “one is enough two is too much”

Evelynn Rodriquez: Ridiculous! Farming on the tiny island. Instead develop the Malay mainland into farms which can supply the needs of the tourism industry.

Kendall Freeman: You can now plant Nuessli Salad David!!

Evelynn Rodriquez: Good idea! Let’s see if they can provide an air conditioned green house on top of the imported top soil.

More thoughts?


Ayla Hubbard: Plant some Forest back on the Island,remove some houses/hotels,and you get Boracay again.

Simon Graham: What environment? They cant even sustain the esteros in manila? What a joke?

Grant Gonzales: Tourism and farming so both.

Francesca Crawford: Tourism and farming? Great idea!???

Mariah Collins: For me tourism.

Luciana Sims: TOURISM

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