Looking for recommendations for builders/contractors in Boracay

Hi! I’m looking for recommendations for builders/contractors in Boracay. Thanks!


Frances Carr: JMOC Builders PH

Amy Holt: My partner is a local builder who is both competitive and reliable please send a pm if you would like more info. Always here to help and worked locally for over 25 years

Sabrina Hubbard: Dinks is a dear friend of mine but is pretty much tucked up


Reagan Gross: LB Lapuz Architects & Builders

Brinley Conner: ACT Construction Builders and Development Corporation

Piper Jenkins: On Target Interiors

Laura Henry:  MEBS Pilipinas Builders and Design Take a look at his facebook page.  Lots of pictures of his works.

Jase Barnes: Hi,I’ve just seen your message and could help with the work you need completing;, if you haven’t found someone yet. I would be hapoy to arrange a visit to review the work and provide a quote if that is convenient.

Julianna Bowman: Zereso broz builders

Derek Sparks: D’ Golden Plough Builder’s And Construction Company

Brooke Joseph: I can tell you who not to use due to recent experience

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