What do you think of the Beach Cleaning Machine deployed in Boracay?

Beach Cleaning Machine deployed in Boracay,  would this be useful for maintenance of safe and clean beach sand?

Gemma Hamilton: Hi Energy Fm 107.7 Kalibo its Gemma Hamilton: not Boracay Protect. hihi Thanks.

Fernando Armstrong: Hopefully, the recycling of garbage bins in every 50 meters along white beach will begin.

Gemma Hamilton: true. this is a must.

Camille Romero: I hope to protect the old trees. There should be an strong act for this.

Gemma Hamilton: As per our info, old trees were marked (red circle), so they will not be uprooted or removed, and road needs to be adjusted to preserve the trees.

Beckett Powers:  This is good! This is what I saw in a country that also cleanses the beach. Hopefully the 3 beaches will be maintained.

Gemma Hamilton: yeah. but this is already a good start.

Timothy Rogers: Oh, is there also a cleaning machine for corrupt officials?

Gemma Hamilton: hahahah

Elliott Lloyd: This is new, was there a machine like this before?

Gemma Hamilton: None. this one is new. Same machine supposed to be the prize from Nestea, but another beach won it.

Arabella King: It’s a good idea. But we want you not to forget  the hungry and the jobless too.

Kylee Olson: this one too. this is a dedicated one huge dumpster installed for businesses. 4 restaurants share this.

Wesley Wallace: Do not just depend on the machines. The front beach establishments should clean their facades and provide a trash bin.

Owen Conner: Hahaha why just now? It should have been before so why did we not buy those things that would have been better than that?

Owen Conner: Why wait for the national government to take action when the provincial official can move too?

Abigail Rice: Peace good job.

More thoughts on this?

Levi Glover: It’s wow it’s great high tech beach cleaning machine.

Charlie Morris: It’s really good to have this. That’s really good work.

Mia Castro: Yes!!! Saw 4 beaches having one of these!!!!

Sebastian Walker: Can these be available all throughout the beaches of Aklan?

Alison Webster: We should catch those who throw garbage on the beach.

Isaac Frazier: there’s already one like that before. Don’t know why it was gone. now it’s back ….????

Kylee Olson: You should require all businesses and residents to have this.Suncast Commercial BMTCW96G Wheeled Trash Can, 43.75″ Height, 31″ Width, 96 gal Capacity, Plastic, Green Amazon.com

Dker Hill:  wow.. its a big wow… go Boracay! #ProtectBoracay

Aubrie Zimmerman: Sand cleaning vehicle for Bulabog beach too please!

Waylon Alexander: Wow good start

Ana Curry: Wow! That’s was great!

Kylee Olson: Youtu.be

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