Boracay Weather


Are you planning to spend your special vacation on the shores of Boracay? If yes, then you should make sure that you are very much prepared for your stay. Aside from the accommodation, ticket, and the things to do list that you should prepare, make sure to read and check the latest Boracay weather.

Being situated at the heart of the Philippine archipelago, Boracay is a tropical island. This means Boracay weather only has two major seasons: the wet and the dry. During the dry season, Boracay becomes the haven and heaven of tourists both local and foreign. Thousands of celebrities and personalities flood its shores and enjoy the powdery white beach.


On the other hand, the wet season is when tropical storms hit the country. Fortunately, because Boracay is at the center of the country, most storms do not hit it directly.


Where to get information on Boracay weather


To make sure that you will enjoy your stay in Boracay, here are the ways you need to do to get the latest weather forecast on this island:


  1.    Travel guides and journals – You will have an idea of the overall climate and weather in Boracay. You may even predict certain weather conditions based on the stories and accounts of other travellers.


  1.    People you know from the Philippines – If you have relatives, loved ones, acquaintances, or other people whom you can contact in the Philippines, do so. They will know more about their country than you do.


  1.    Newspapers and broadsheets – You may read several newspapers which have features on other countries. International broadsheets are also a good alternative to get information.


  1.    Online news websites – Unlike printed newspapers, online news resources update easier and faster. Because of that they are more relied upon than their published counterparts.


  1.    The hotel you chose – If you have made a reservation with a hotel, you can contact it and identify the state of the weather.

Travelling to the world famous Boracay Island is indeed something you should be proud of. However, you may not be that proud if you set your vacation in the middle of a tropical storm. So that is the importance of knowing the weather before setting your foot on any place.

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