Closure of Boracay, what are your thoughts?

Opinions on closure of Boracay

Adrian Delfin:
I have wonderful memories of Boracay and i want the next generations to enjoy the island as i still do today for many years to come. Free from bacterial coliform!

Andrei Je’ne Tan:
I have had an incredible mem’ries and wonderful experienced in Boracay (Laboracay). Boracay will always be in my mind and my heart.���

Bill Duskin:
Boracay has a special place in my heart that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Rogelio Salazar Basilan:
We love the island

John Duffy:
Me and my now wife got married in Boracay this year (January). Our only negative is I was so ill during the holiday with eColi. So it’s refreshing to see Boracay getting cleaned up, we can’t wait to return when the work is done.!

Ken See:
This is a painful experience for us but it had to be done and it is long overdue. We’re just looking forward to coming back once everything is done.

Jack Jarilla:
With the closure now firmly in place, we can now marvel at Boracay’s beauty of old. Simply stunning!

Teddy Ramirez:
See you boracay,on your opening!!!

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