How do we transfer our dog from Boracay to Cebu?

Looking to send our dog from Boracay to Cebu. Anyone know where I can get a crate? Any secondhand ones for sale?? Thank you

Junrey C Tampos: Asking price?

Oliver Pestaño Tulabing: Kalibo

Cornerstone petshop kalibo
Roxas Ave, 5611 Kalibo

Oey Art: I have here

Lauren Elizabeth Aitken: My forever lifesaver!

Jess Williams: Hi Lauren I bought mine from Lazada ! Large one cost me 4250 peso delivered !

Leah Glean: ask Chay Samson

Chay Samson Samson: Sorry my one was sold out .

Mila Delis- Bayona: Check sites that may services to transfer your pet.

Aklan Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Center (Philippines): Please call us, we can advise you.


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