Boracay Nightlife

Boracay is a sleepless island. 24 hours a day, there’s always something going on. You just have to know what style you belong to and where to find that place where you would enjoy the most! This island is one such party place that you will not miss in a lifetime! Hence to experience Boracay nightlife is a must for tourists.

If you are a party addict, it’s a must that you join Pubcrawl. Pubcrawl is a program for young people to communicate with each other and go together to many bars and pubs to enjoy night. Their aim is to ““Turn strangers into friends” where you will be on 5 bars, free entrance tickets, 5 wine shots, games, discount drinks at the bar. The price for joining Pubcrawl is 690 Php for female and 790 Php for male. This price is applicable to 50 ladies and the first 50 male registrations and is presented with T-shirt of the program. If you are unable to join the first 50s, you could still join but price is at 990 Php which also includes a shirt.

Most Boracay pubs are busiest when the clock strikes midnight. The music on each bar varies so it depends on your mood where you want to go dancing or just lazing around with booze.

Most visited bars in Boracay:


  1. Epic – located at the center of Boracay, just in front of the Beach in Station 2. The bar closes at 4 am.
  2. Summer Place – favorite pub among Western crowd, located in Station 2. It closes at 4 am as well.
  3. Boracay Stars – located in Station 3 and is the only club that is air-conditioned.
  4. Cocomangas – located in Station 1 and is famous for its 15 shots challenges.
  5. Club Paraw – located in Station 1. It has a bigger dance floor so most of the Filipinos go here.
  6. Aplaya Beach bar – It serves Mediterranian food here so you can see a lot of foreigners at this bar.
  7. Exit bar – the home base of wind and kite surfing crowd. Live music is often played on weekends.
  8. Coco bar – if you like pretty loud dance music, this is the place to go. They however closes at midnight.
  9. Pats Creek bar – Want to hear acoustic, reggae and jazz? Hop on this bar for that relaxed evening.
  10. Nigi Nigi Nu Noos bar – For classic rock music, this is your place.

There are many more bars and clubs that are not mentioned here but one definite thing is that whereever your feet lead you to, it’s going to be awesome and one hard-to-forget night!


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