Can anyone recommend a good salon in the island?

Hi! Can anyone recommend a good salon in the island. Preferably someone who cuts curly hair. Thanks in advance!

Rolf Streiff Priore: Reyes. Just opposite from e’mall

MJ Coching Gloria: Sheng salon

Antonio Salazar Aguirre: Mangkot ta sa mga ati.

Lecyram Oniuqla: Happy Salon

Denz Tobias: Emys salon infront of crown regency station 1

Kate LH: Sameone Salon & Spa above Box and Ladder Hostel next to DMall

Majovie Lecerio Tumlos: Studio A next to la Carmela station2

Studio A boracay
Manggayad balabag, 5608 Malay, Aklan

Lecyram Oniuqla: Happy salon look mabel Yeng Patriarca

MC Jones: Nail salon near BPI and Dmall along the road.

Jen Freeman: Nailandia Spa upstairs at Station X. There’s also a new place next to Charlie’s Steakhouse which I’m told is good.

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