Looking for cheapest most reliable domestic cargo shipping on the island

Can anyone recommend the cheapest most reliable domestic cargo shipping company on the island? Thank you!

Pam Salonga Beronio: AP cargo or JRS

Lauren Elizabeth Aitken: Where is AP cargo located?

Pam Salonga Beronio: Caticlan airport

Godofredo P. Ramos Airport
Purificacion Reyes Rd, 5608 Malay, Aklan

Pam Salonga Beronio: I think they already have their office here in the island. If I’m not mistaken Manoc Manoc area. Just don’t know their exact location.

Heide KG Kim: Its located beside the gate of the shortcut entrance going to jetty port.

Lauren Elizabeth Aitken: Thanks so much for your info! We just went to the AP cargo office in Manoc Manoc and received a quote!

June Myrrh Dueñas: You can also try JRS or LBC. Depends on where you are shipping it. AP Cargo also have reasonable price for big bulks. Their office is infront of Caticlan port. The one in Boracay is the one in Manoc-Manoc. Its on the right side just before u drive downhill to go to the Brgy hall of Manoc-manoc.

Lauren Elizabeth Aitken: Yes AP are a very good price seeing as we have a lot of stuff to ship and they door to door which is perfect! LBC want to charge a lot per kilo so not really justifiable.

June Myrrh Dueñas: From Australia though LBC have this big box with unlimited weight for 100 Aud. And its door to door. Its cheaper when its sea cargo.

Lauren Elizabeth Aitken: The balikbayan box right? I’ve already informed my mama to start sending us stuff using that! We want to send all of our stuff and kids toys to Siargao so I need a reasonable quote from Boracay to Siargao or Surigao city.

June Myrrh Dueñas: Yeah its door to door. LBC have one in Brisbane. I will pm you the info. Its really good. I have all my stuff from Sydney in box. It take 6 weeks to arrive but still cheap. Just make sure u wrap the box properly.

Nicole Murchante Danay: JRS

Ascel Macuja: Try MRE forwarder

Lauren Elizabeth Aitken: Where is that located?

Ascel Macuja: Manocmanoc boracay. Pls contact Salve 09198075540 for more details

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