Any electrician who can help us install water heaters in Boracay?

Hi! Can anyone recommend an electrician who can help us install water heaters in the island. Thanks!

Steve McGrath: you need a plumber?

June Myrrh Dueñas:  i think electrician and plumber to install the hot showers.

Emily Soria: Hi. Can I get your contact details and location? I can recommend the guy that installed mine.

June Myrrh Dueñas: Hi Emily. 09257775863. Thanks!

Emily Soria: PM me.

Mark Cabrera: Hi Ems. Can your guy fix a broken water heater? I need one badly.

Emily Soria: You can have him take a look it, Manong. I guess it depends.

Mark Cabrera:  Your contact number please?

Andrew Sutton: Hi I am a local plumber and yes I can install water heaters. Give me a call on 09275197988 or have a look at my Facebook page. Boracay plumbing services

Mj Dionisio Regente  Kindly pm your number to me.

Joshua John Tamado: I can do the job.
Erwin Tablatin PM me your number please.

Greg Lucinio I have a friend! just PM me if you are interested, actually he is looking for sideline right now.

Aileen Manalili Our team of electricians is currently in Boracay for a construction project. If you are looking for a reliable electrician for your small electrical needs, they can offer their service as a sideline. You may PM me. Thanks.

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