Looking for good Lechon (Roasted Pig) maker in Boracay

Can anyone recommend a good Lechon (Roasted Pig) maker in Boracay?

Emily Soria: I know one. Super good! Here lang in Diniwid

Koko Francis: Number please?

Emily Soria: I’ll text my landlord and ask for contact details. They just live in Sinagpa too. So maybe same as your other friends recommendation

Emily Soria: PM sent Buds

Beeckmans Dave: Sinagpa, ask for Jenny of Fridays resort

Koko Francis: Thanks! Is there a contact number I can reach?

Rea Caoile Facun: kindly pm me.

Boracay Cebuano Lechon Please add us here on Facebook.

Altitude Boracay:  Boneless Lechon orders accepted now, kindly message us.

Chona Pantastico: Theody’s House of Lechon Cebu

Alfred V. Villa-Real: Sarap! Specially the new vinegar blend!!

Chona Pantastico: We can deliver ate Dulce, airport to airport.  10hrs after cooking the balat is still crispy! ?

Joseph Perez: Rapsa to the max!


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