Do you think all tricycles should be electric in Boracay?

Sally Arnaiz Najera: So there will be no air pollution

Kenny Waripolo: YES!

Kenny Waripolo: or at least hybrids

Cristina Coloma Sencida: Yes and it will be quiet 🙂

Jenelyn Bartolo Dela Peña: Not sure

Jonalisa Cuanan: No…because boracay is already full of buildings and stablishments

Jonalisa Cuanan: Consumed enough of electricity. ..Actually I heard that boracay is facing a problem of shortage of electricity that’s why we have a sometimes of blackout to some areas…And besides tricycle is using of gasoline also can make a small business alive…Means, can help to small entrepreneurs to make living as well by selling gasoline to the areas which has no gasoline station like from station 1 going to Yapak area.

Lloyd Hardy: This is a good point – about small businesses. But what about the effect on the environment from Gasoline exhaust emissions?

Jonalisa Cuanan: If you were more concerns about in general effect of gasoline…you should make a way to stop bringing gasoline in the market then…Gasoline stations must be stop as well…Not the tricycle has fault…they make only a living…

Lloyd Hardy: Of course. But why could they not drive the electric tricycles (which we could utilise solar / wave energy for) if they were available?

Sally Arnaiz Najera: So true…let us be earth friendly…save our natural resources avoid pollution….

Jonalisa Cuanan: Of course they can drive…but the main question…where is that solar wave energy now?…And besides…what you had been put question above is about using the electricity into a tricycle not by solar…that’s why I answer NO…

Lloyd Hardy: Oh, well solar is just a source of electricity. I didn’t specify the origin.. obviously there would be no point relying on electricity generated from a fossil fuel source 🙂

Lloyd Hardy: That’s a good question.. when you create new things, you ask these questions and find the answers.. and say yes.. 🙂

Jonalisa Cuanan: Right

Lloyd Hardy: When the price of these are the same as gasoline and we work out how to safely recycle batteries, this will be cool:

The Shocking Truth About Electric Motorcycles – /RideApart

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