Do you maybe know a good dentist on Boracay?

Do you maybe know a good dentist on Boracay? Will appreciate if you can provide clinic location as well. Thank you in advance.

Frank Leone: The clinic beside the ministop dmall!!

Jay-r Malunes Francisco: Here at station 3 beside shell gasoline station

Maria Mae De Leon: FYI. I dont recommend the clinic beside mini stop.I had an experienced with improper hygiene for tools to be use to u and my gums bleed after I got the cleaning thou the dentist was nice and approachable.

Jen Freeman: St Angelique Dental Clinic.

Paul Macniven: Next to munchies

June Myrrh Dueñas: Hi Jen thanks. Is that in caticlan or boracay?

Jen Freeman: That’s in Boracay.

Jen Marcos: babe, st. Angelique

June Myrrh Dueñas: Thank you!!! 🙂

Yan Yan Amedo: Valencia dental clinic at bantud

Chiqui Llige: Dr. Lhen Brutton 288 3366

LuiGi AD:  I think they were two but tooth fairy is the only one I have tried. near d’mall bedide mini stop , front of Boracay sky.

Joella Abriam Coltellini: Thanks dear Luigi,I  always have my teeth clean every six months and I am due for an April cleaning and since I am going to be in Boracay for the whole month, I’ll just do it there. =) Will see you then!

Ace Prado Martinez:  Tollossa dental clinic.

Yes Karam: There Is one right next to munchies restaurant in bulabog , is the best they are professional, never go to the one in the main road near to mini stop that dentist is a joke

Myrna Perucho: St angelic is good

Elsa Johansson: St Angelique Clinique, dentist Lhen Brutton ! (Next to Munchies)

Lhen Brutton
dentist at St. Angelique Ortho Dental Clinic

Jess Murnane: Def Lhen Brutton, I used her when I was over from Australia

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