Need help! What hotels, hostels or inns still accepting reservation?

Do hotels, hostels or inns still accepting reservation? We plan to visit Boracay this Sunday.


Christian George Francisco Acevedo: i think so..i to book online.

Diago Lin: LSM square (in front of 24/7)

Jing Visca: Anahaw apartments available located at station 3 . 1min.walk to frontbeach

Randall Parker:

The Boracay Crown Beach Hotel

Gabby Borne: @Sol y Sombra Boracay Hotel

Sol y Sombra Boracay Hotel – Station 1
Fernando Ybanez: some still allowed.

Dewi Eka: Hostel… W Hostel , Avenue hostel, n Chill out Hostel. All in station 2, close everywhere

Dan Cardon: Arrivals are ok up until the 25th – Checkout is not restricted

★★★ Chillax Flashpackers Boracay, Boracay, Philippines

Line JrNhic: Aloha Boracay Hotel station2

Michelle Molano:

Henann Group of Resorts

Lecyram Oniuqla: Try boracay grace hotel

Stefie Gracie: ycl boracay

Artstrong Clarion: GMB HOTEL Boracay

Ditas Misa Wegmann: DiveGurus Boracay Stn 3 has available rooms

Ditas Misa Wegmann: Arrivals will be allowed until April 25.

Nestor J. Paras: Boracay Uptown until April 25th open

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