Weather in Boracay on November

I am thinking of going to Boracay sometime in November. I just wonder is it nice weather there now. Is November a good months weather wise? I have never been to Boracay and so do not want it to be raining all the time. Or is it best to postpone the trip rip to January February time?

Jen Freeman: November is not raining season. Expect plenty of sunshine at this time of year.

Roberto JA: You should be ok

Jeff Valle: Make it this November. Boracay is beautiful = )

Sam Jamieson: How long should one go to Boracay?

Jen Freeman: At least a week. You can do as much or as little as you want.

Jen Freeman: November is quieter and less crowded than January/February. Much nicer, IMO.

Peter Gadd: November rains? we love the beauty living there but tourists want sun right?

Jen Freeman: November is normally sunny, Pete. It’s gorgeous at the moment. Amihan wind.Maybe the occasional shower, but raining season is over.

Peter Gadd: could be my memory failing me poor old bugger…:-) x

Ren Komorebi: Have to agree with you, Pete. November rains/drizzles/spits. The island has scattered rains, though –the sun still peeks behind gray clouds.

Josephine Delarosa Taytayon: Anytime of the year may it rain or shine boracay beach is still a nice beach

Jen Freeman: Lots of beaches.

Jane Harris:

Boracay: Voted as the best island in the world. A golf course in Boracay too?

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