Need a good internet connection and a private Christian school

Hi Boracay people! I am looking forward on relocating there. I just have few questions before jumping in there. 1. I will be needing a good Internet connection for my work. What can you recommend? 2. I have a 5 y/o and I want to send her to a private school (preferably Christian school). How much is the price range of private school tuition fees there?

Andrew Doran: Globe LTE is 10mbps. But you have to check if the signal is ok where you are. And it’s 1799 pesos.

Sigmund Torre: Globe now has DSL on the island 10 Mbps 1599

Ren Komorebi: Mobile data is no good unless you’d like to work at an establishment on the shore of Station 2. If staying at home is more up your alley, sign up for Pantelco or Kalibo Cable. I currently have the latter.

Cherdie Mae DelaCruz Asuncion: hows the ping of kalibo cable?

Jen Freeman: It works outside of station 2.

Ren Komorebi: If my memory serves me right, it’s 83-ish to ping Yahoo. Downgraded my account. My savings are almost depleted.

Ren Komorebi: Yes, it does work outside Station 2. But we use it for work so we prefer the fastest location.

Jen Freeman: I’d hate to try to work in that location though. So noisy and crowded.

Ren Komorebi: Agreed! The best thing to do is get a Commercial Package at home. We need a coworking space without loud Korean music.

Charlie Soler: Jen Freeman ouch

Jen Freeman:I meant beachfront, Charlie! Chinatown! 😀

Paul Fournier: For me Pantelco was stable, not fast but stable and responsive. Mobile connections were very erratic and unreliable. Faster, but disconnecting at random moments and all sorts of random mess, not suitable for work.

What about school?


Fernando Ybanez: School fronting d craft boracay is christian school

Geoff Gee: I have reached wifi for my work, Boracay is better than most, but there is no great wifi in the Philippines, even telephone signal is bad, some place Smart good some places Globe is good, its pretty universal Philippines has a long way to go to provide good internet and phone service.

Aleksandr Driakhlykh: Just use different frequencies and good external antenna

Geoff Gee: Researched.

Lotlot Artigotangso: Pldt ultera for me is great

Jonathan Waddington: Globe now have fibre you can get to your house

Jonathan Waddington:  With speed of 10mbps i think

Marnita Lynette Dixon-Boone: internet is horrible here I can’t even watch a video, login to my admin page etc… it is the worst internet I have ever had 7 yrs it has not improved

Aleksandr Driakhlykh: try VPN to increase speed. some of default routes (EU, CIS) are not good without VPN

Marnita Lynette Dixon-Boone: Aleksandr Driakhlykh I have a VPN

Marnita Lynette Dixon-Boone: I also am paying for the “best” so called internet here for my business it is terrible

Zazel Francis: Our 5 year old daughter goes to Boracay European, we come from the UK and the standards are good compared. They have a new English headmaster this term, has excellent track record. It may be pricey though approx 80k registration/uniform/one off fees then approx 11k per month. Alternatively I hear Beth Shalom Academy and Bloomfield are good and much cheaper. As long as your child is in a caring fun environment you can always supplement with some home schooling as labour is cheap here and you can follow online programs for structure/set work.We have a website development business so internet was important for us, we use an unofficial globe connection for approx 2.5k per month and this is great (usage will depend on signal in your area).The island community here are very kind and helpful, I am sure you will find answers to anything you need 🙂


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