What are the requirements for beach wedding in Boracay?

I need Pastor/Priest to advise me on the requirements for beach wedding in Boracay.

Natalia Walker: im pastor bro!

Ryker Owens: yeah.. i didnt know that bro.

Ryker Owens: PMed u

Kylie Perkins: your wedding????????

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Emerson Cain: Are you getting hitched?

Austin Holmes: he is in denial

Ryker Owens: certainly NOT ! only helping a friend. 🙂

Ariyah Townsend: Get your pastorship online and DIY ?

Ryker Owens: i could never do that… hate doing public speeches !

Anaya Neal: He is a pastor,Rolando Atienza from Church on the Rock Boracay

Rolando Atienza
Boracay, Philippines

Ryker Owens: thankyou

Sawyer Keller: Is it official, if conducted on the beach? Unconsecrated ground and all that?

Ryker Owens: not really sure, I’m presuming so

Gracelyn Norman: TOP TIP for your friend…Make sure they, in fact ‘insist’, they make a short ceremony or you will stand there listening for 2 hours to excruciating verbal. I used to do photography on Boracay so I did a few weddings and witnessed some almost ruined weddings. One couple and guests stuck in direct sunlight having to listen forever, the groom almost passed out soaked in sweet. Manage their time and what they do, they are happy to talk for hours with an audience!

Ryker Owens: oh my ! 2 hours of verbal diarrhea in 30 degrees sunlight sounds like torture.. cheers Ill pass it on, and say go for the basic do u ?! i do.. yes you’re now husband and wife…. thanks for the tip Peter hope you’re well.

Ryker Owens: and England is treating you well.

Gracelyn Norman: Life is good, but getting employment (or rather a proper full time job) is a different world to when I left! Wow tough.

Ryker Owens: ahh really !? thanks something to bare in mind if I ever feel the need to leave paradise. 🙂 bet its pricey now with brexit too

Ryker Owens: Fran PonyPeachy Hernandez


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